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What's Coming in Rocket Pass 3

What's Coming in Rocket Pass 3

Rocket Pass 3 is a new Battle-Car-exclusive seasonal system coming to Rocket League! The all-new system allows players to unlock new content and customize their Battle Cars with unlockable items and in-game rewards.

Just like before, players will be able to unlock a variety of new content, including new customization options and items for their Battle Cars. Players will be able to level up their Rocket Pass and earn new rewards, including exclusive in-game content!

There are four different Rocket Pass levels to choose from, including the Free Pass, which will give players the opportunity to earn some new content and in-game rewards.

As players complete the challenges, they will unlock new items and Rocket Pass rewards.

The Premium Pass is even more rewarding, with the potential to unlock more than 100 items and dozens of exciting rewards. The Premium Pass also includes a new feature that will allow players to preview items before unlocking them.

The Ultimate and Super Rocket Passes offer the most exclusive and exciting rewards, giving players access to exclusive in-game content, new customization options, and more.

The Premium, Ultimate, and Super Rocket Passes are purchasable in the in-game store.

22 Feb 2021